The simple weight loss trick I used over 30 days
Here is what happened...
By Alex Blair
I have to admit that when I first heard of tonic, I was a bit underwhelmed. Tonic — to me, at least — is something I think of as A) A Gin and Tonic or B) Tonic water which is just nasty. So even though I have seen this product and heard about it, I will admit I was pretty skeptical. I mean could it really live up to what is being said? 

If you are not familiar with tonic, tonic is a new product on the market that claims to make weight loss easy. According to them, you mix one stick of the product in any beverage. They say you can’t taste it and that it dissolves clear. When you take it, its suppose to make you eat less and feel fuller longer. 

I am a curious creature and I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. Well, I did want to lose 10lbs. I decided that I would by 2 bags to start and take it every day for a month. According to the directions you take one stick in your favorite beverage 30 minutes before a meal. 

I will say that while I have tried almost everything out on the market and nothing really worked. I saw results with tonic that I really wasn’t expecting. I took it different ways, at different times, and tired it for 30 days. Here is what I experienced. 

The very first time taking it I was skeptical. Can this really dissolve clear and taste like nothing. You know the saying about if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Well the first stick was dissolved in water. Well I will be damned, it lived up to what they claimed in the dissolving department. Now does it actually work?

I noticed that after drinking tonic, well I didn’t notice anything and felt fine. It was when I went to eat, dinner with my family, I didn’t eat normally the amount that I eat. I was actually full and I ate less. My husband asked if I was feeling okay because there was still food left over! One hack that I found was to add it to my bullet proof coffee in the morning, I was able to go a lot longer though out the day without being hungry or starving. 

I have to admit that I was never expecting anything to happen to my mood. Tonic doesn’t say anything about mood. However, I noticed that I felt better and less stress throughout the day when I was taking it. Work, home and there are so many other stresses that make you want to rip your hair out. I felt calm, cool and relaxed. Things didn’t bother me nearly as much as they typically do. This was a surprise that I noticed this. I am sure it was because of the 5-HTP in it. 

I Woke Up Less Bloated
Bloating and I have a very frustrating ongoing relationship. When I eat healthy, I bloat. When I don't eat the healthiest, I still bloat. Very little works to help bring my bloating down to a minimum, which is why I was surprised that when I woke up after my first night of drinking tonic, my bloating had dissipated. This surprised me, in part, because, full disclosure, I randomly decided to eat a pizza hot pocket before bed. To which I normally can eat the whole thing, this time, only a few bites and I was full.

So now the question remains — will I stick with using tonic? The answer is probably yes. To be honest, not only am I a huge fan of the ease of use and taste (or rather lack thereof), but it really worked for me. Plus, I did notice clothing fitting loser and pounds lost on the scale.

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